Smoking Weed
Smoking Weed
   Best Way to Smoke Weed | Smoking a Joint

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There are a lot of different ways to smoke weed. These different options give people who have a medical prescription of the drug options on how they feel the most comfortable in taking their medical marijuana. The different methods of weed consumption mean that it can be easier to carry marijuana, it can be possible to keep the cannabis and the smoking tools together and it can taste can be altered based upon the means of the weed being smoked. The best way to smoke weed can differ per person and can even change based upon the situation in which the marijuana is being consumed in.

Joints are one of the most common and considered the best way to smoke weed for most people. This method involves wrapping the pot in a cigarette paper and smoking it with a filter. This can be easily done when a person has a cigarette rolling machine and the right papers. However, there are downsides to the smoking of pot in this manner. The joints are fast burners and can only hold a small amount of marijuana. The joint also cannot handle the larger buds or large ciphers. The joint is also known as cigaweed because it looks like a cigarette but is packed with marijuana.

The blunt is similar to the joint, and for those who enjoy the taste of tobacco, enjoys smoking in groups or has a large number of ciphers or buds. The blunt is a rolled tobacco leaf that is then packed with marijuana. The blunt does not have a filter to clean the taste or soften the impact of the marijuana and the tobacco. The blunt is a slow burning method of smoking marijuana. The blunt is thought to heighten the effects of marijuana because it also combines the fast acting effects of tobacco. The blunt also has the appearance of a cigar, which some people find more attractive than the cigarette like appearance of the joint.
   You will need to lots of light for growing marijuana indoors.